The word “mortgage” does not simply mean a loan, but also contains implications of people, trust, investment and financial planning. Through my career and experiences, I have learnt that trust, respect, hard working and dedication bring on happy customers and success. Feel free to contact me when you are buying, renewing, investing or considering a new life event. I will work along with you, get you the best rate based on your circumstances, get you the best mortgage solutions to suit your needs.

Today’s Rates *

  • 3.04% 1 year fixed rate
  • 2.89% 2 year fixed rate
  • 2.79% 3 year fixed rate 
  • 2.59% 5 year fixed rate
  • 3.15% 3 year variable rate (Prime – 0.8%) 
  • 2.75% 5 year variable rate (Prime - 1.2%)

 *Rates are subject to change without notice. Certain condition/restriction applies.

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